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Freebitco.in Autopilot Method Multiply Your BTC Now

Freebitco.in Autopilot Method Multiply Your BTC Now

Freebitco.in autopliot method here. To use the Bot or Script, open the Multiply BTC page by clicking on it.
The page is open as the picture below:

  You need to enter bet value' and select payout value' and some regular lottery stuff' sometimes you might win and some times' not' based on your bet value' and range' whether it is a high value or not', but it's purely luck' that is you are not doing any work' just clicking the BET HI or BET LO ' and clicking every time'
so by using script (basically a .js) you can make it autopilot' and make some btc' on autopilot'
so it will be used on google chrome or mozilla firefox! here is the image what it looks like when working!

The script has an auto adjustment on choosing bet value and payout value' and which one to select whether bet hi or bet lo' and it's purely a script so majority 60% reliable'! 

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Automatic Script or Bot